‘untitled (quentin) 2005 ’ by jackson photografix

In memory of the gorgeous model/singer, Quentin Elias, shot in my Harlem studio as part of my ‘white sheets series,” NYC 2005

‘untitled (quentin) 2005 ’ by jackson photografix

Finally finished editing this shoot with Johnathan from NYC, just in time too, because we are scheduled for another session in just a couple of weeks (June 30.)  I am always excited to work with this incredibly hot man, whom I am  also fortunate to call a wonderful friend.  We’ve never done a shoot that hasn’t ended in sexy, steamy, erotic, and just downright stunning images, like this one of him at my former Harlem apartment and studio.

I’m not sure whether I knew that artist Jeanne-Claude had died in 2009 or not. But I’m glad to see her artist-partner Christo has a new project next June in Venice, Italy that should be spectacular. I was fortunate enough to experience The Gates in NYC in person back in 2005, which I also managed to do a guerilla shoot of nudes with ginger model Rusty McMann.