‘untitled (quentin) 2005 ’ by jackson photografix

In memory of the gorgeous model/singer, Quentin Elias, shot in my Harlem studio as part of my ‘white sheets series,” NYC 2005

‘untitled (quentin) 2005 ’ by jackson photografix

I contacted Big Roger again, to do another shoot, our fourth together.  Since it’s still a little early in the year to go outdoors, and we’ve already done several studio shoots, I asked if he had any locations he’d like to shoot at.  He mentioned an indoor pool, with hot tub and sauna.  He then went on to say that over 10 years ago, he had done his very first shoot at this same location with photographer Ace Bannon.  We both liked the idea of revisiting the pool and paying homage to his modelling career over the past decade.  Roger didn’t want it to become a shoot that just mirrored that original one and for me, I wanted the new images to be imprinted with my personal style (and not so secretly I wanted my photos to be better.)  Here are some shots from our shoot with several shots from the earlier one beside it.  I truly think that Roger has just gotten better with age.  And if you want to see (a lot) more of him, check out his website: BigRoger.com